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We serve the delivery of goods and cargo from Jakarta to all regions in West Sumatra. Not only the main cities in West Sumatra, but also small cities or areas even to remote areas. With our extensive and complete network, you don’t need to worry. With our Door to Door service, you only need to wait at home and wait for us to pick up your shipment. And you or your relatives don’t need to be confused about how to pick up your shipment to our office or warehouse. You or your relatives only need to wait at home and wait for us to deliver your shipment.

Kota Tujuan Per Kg Min. Per Kg Min. Motor Bebek/Matic Motor Sport Lead Time (Darat)
Padang600030 Kg5000100 Kg170000020500003-5 Hari
Abai-Solok Selatan1300030 Kg10500100 Kg220000025500005-7 Hari
Air Bangis1300030 Kg10500100 Kg205000024000005-7 Hari
Air Haji1050030 Kg8000100 Kg195000022500005-7 Hari
Alahan Panjang900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Baso750030 Kg5000100 Kg175000020500003-5 Hari
Batusangkar900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Bukittinggi750030 Kg5000100 Kg170000020500003-5 Hari
Indrapura1300030 Kg10500100 Kg220000025500005-7 Hari
Lintau1050030 Kg8000100 Kg195000022500004-6 Hari
Lubuk Alung900030 Kg7000100 Kg175000020500003-5 Hari
Lubuk Basung900030 Kg7000100 Kg175000020500004-6 Hari
Lubuk Sikaping1050030 Kg8000100 Kg195000022500005-7 Hari
Maninjau1050030 Kg8000100 Kg190000022000005-7 Hari
Muaro Bodi900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Muaro Labuh1050030 Kg8000100 Kg190000022000004-6 Hari
Muaro Sijunjung900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Padang Aro1050030 Kg8000100 Kg195000022500004-6 Hari
Padang Panjang900030 Kg7000100 Kg175000020500003-5 Hari
Padang Sibusuk900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Painan Kota1050030 Kg8000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Palembayan1300030 Kg10500100 Kg220000025500005-7 Hari
Panti1100030 Kg8500100 Kg205000024000005-7 Hari
Pariaman900030 Kg7000100 Kg170000020500003-5 Hari
Payakumbuh900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000003-5 Hari
Pulau Punjung900030 Kg7000100 Kg170000020500004-6 Hari
Rao1300030 Kg10500100 Kg220000025500005-7 Hari
Sawahlunto900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Sei. Rumbai900030 Kg7000100 Kg170000020500004-6 Hari
Silungkang900030 Kg7000100 Kg180000021000004-6 Hari
Simpang Empat1050030 Kg8000100 Kg190000022000004-6 Hari
Sitiung1050030 Kg8000100 Kg170000020500004-6 Hari
Solok750030 Kg5000100 Kg170000020500003-5 Hari
Suliki1050030 Kg8000100 Kg190000022000004-6 Hari
Surantih1050030 Kg8000100 Kg195000022500004-6 Hari
Talawi-Swljj1050030 Kg8000100 Kg195000022500004-6 Hari
Tanjung Ampalu1050030 Kg8000100 Kg190000022000004-6 Hari
Tapan1300030 Kg10500100 Kg220000025500005-7 Hari
Ujung Gading1300030 Kg10500100 Kg200000023500005-7 Hari

Conditions that need to be considered:

  • Lead Time from car departure
  • Rates can still be negotiated
  • If the goods are light but large in size, Volumetric Weight is charged, RUMUS: Length x Width x Height (cm) / 4000 = …… Kg

ZATAKA Express serves Cargo from Jakarta to West Sumatra via Land with very competitive and cheap rates. We serve to areas and cities in West Sumatra, including:

  • Bukittinggi
  • Batusangkar
  • Padang Panjang
  • Painan
  • Pariaman
  • Payakumbuh
  • Sawahlunto
  • Solok

Shipping and Cargo Services from Jakarta to West Sumatra areas, such as Bukittinggi, Batusangkar, Padang Panjang, Painan, Pariaman, Payakumbuh, Sawahlunto, Solok, etc. are numerous. However, this requires foresight and accuracy from customers or prospective senders in choosing a Cargo and Shipping Service company that has affordable rates and provides the best service, and is responsible.

Cheap Cargo Service Rates from Jakarta to West Sumatra area

Shipping Rates to West Sumatra Cheap and Safe Reliable, Expedition and Cargo to all areas of West Sumatra in Jakarta is very much. But you must be observant and careful in choosing a company that has expedition and Cargo rates to West Sumatra cheap and responsible. Because there are also many expedition and Cargo services that apparently have no experience.

Tips for Shipping Goods and Cargo from Jakarta to Padang via Land

Here we summarize some tips if you want to send goods and cargo from Jakarta to the West Sumatra area via Land. Check out the following:

  1. Look for information on several reliable and experienced Land Shipping and Cargo Service Companies.
  2. After that, compare the rates of several Shipping and Cargo Service Companies and choose the cheapest rate.
  3. Packing your shipment according to the condition or size of the goods. Do not use a cardboard box that is larger than the size of your shipment. This can certainly risk the safety of the goods and of course you will pay more for the shipping rate. This is because Cargo via Land applies volumetric weight if your shipment is large but light. Volumetric Weight Formula: Length x Width x Height (cm) / 4000.
  4. If your shipment is large, then you can ask the Shipping Company if you can get a special rate.
  5. Make sure you ask the delivery time limit of your shipment to the Shipping Service Company. This is to make it easier for you to control your shipment.

So those are some tips from us regarding Shipping Goods and Cargo from Jakarta to West Sumatra via Land. If there are other things you want to ask, you can contact our Marketing and Customer Service directly or via WhatsApp.

We ZATAKA Express has been trusted by several customers as a responsible Cargo and Shipping Service, providing maximum service, and with competitive and affordable rates, and arguably cheap. We also serve other Sumatra destinations. Click here.

We ZATAKA Express are members of a clear Cargo and Shipping Services organization namely ASPERINDO and IPCN so we are definitely responsible.

So remember, for your Jakarta Padang and West Sumatra Cargo, trust us with ZATAKA Express.


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